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Bristol based firm, Collecteco works with businesses and other organisations to donate reusable furniture, equipment and materials to good causes, including charities, schools, voluntary groups and other not for profits so nothing ends up in landfill.

Collecteco was formed in 2005 after founder Steve Sliney had been working in the recycling industry and then with a community furniture project.

He saw that while there were many projects to help householders reuse domestic furniture and equipment, there was a dearth of organisations helping businesses and other organisations.

The mission of Collecteco is simple: to help organisations donate furniture, equipment and materials to good causes.

Whether an organisation is relocating, refurbishing, having a clear out or other activity that generates reusable kit, maximising reuse achieves a triple bottom line:

  • Maximising reuse is good for the environment by reducing raw material consumption and CO2 used to produce, package and transport new products
  • Maximising reuse is good for the community in that it releases quality kit to good causes so that they can focus their funds on carrying out their core work
  • Maximising reuse is good for business in that it is often a lot cheaper than breaking-up kit for recycling and landfill. It also creates some great links between organisations and the communities they serve and helps attract and retain clients, staff and other stakeholders by showing that the organisation cares.

Collecteco work with all commercial premises, including offices, retail, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, factories and many, many more.

In addition to reusable kit they are also happy to ensure that non-reusable furniture, equipment and materials are sent for recycling with any other waste coming from the premises and anything left over is sent to generate energy –  sending nothing to landfill!

Collecteco follow-up every project with a report that details weights reused, recycled and sent for energy recovery. Case studies are also generated for any good causes that have been helped by an organisation’s reusables.

Collecteco have joined the STBAH programme and are working on a bespoke programme which includes, developing an online re-use portal, PR and marketing strategy, expanding on a premium model.