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Good for nothing pitch night Bath


Are you a local social or environmental project that needs some help? Do you live in Bath and want to do Good in Your Hood by gifting your talent? Then read on and get involved!

  • When:  Thursday 19th April 18.00-21.00
  • Where: Boston Tea Party, Alfred Street, Bath

Our Pitch Night has one simple goal - giving projects who need some 'good for nothing' the opportunity to connect with people who want to 'do good in their hood'. This is how it works...

Projects - tell us your story...

Socially or environmentally focused local projects will deliver a 3min pitch - who they are, what they do & why, and what help they need. The audience will provide feedback, suggestions and vote for the project they feel should receive some help from the good for nothing community.

The winning project will then become part of our Gig Night series - events that are tailored to deliver the expertise and support that the project needs to solve their challenges.

Your pitch needs to be under three minutes. Your project needs to be Up and Running i.e. your concept is proven with an owner/team. You have a disruptive approach that is tackling a social and/or environmental issue. You are up for the party! You are willing to open up and let the Good for Nothing crew contribute their ideas to your project.

Click the link for more information, sign up to attend or fill out your pitch form: Good for Nothing.