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Building Biology Series: 2. Building Biology - Compliant Material Specification - Bristol

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Join The Green Register in collaboration with Low Carbon South West for event two of four half-day technical sessions on Building Biology: how to achieve healthy living environments. 

  • When:  Thursday 17th May, 1.30pm-5.30pm
  • Where: DeskLodge, Bristol

Event Two: Building Biology - Compliant Material Specification

Materials and especially finishes have a significant impact on the indoor environment. Often these are only assessed for VOC (volatile organic compounds), their carbon impact or recycled content. Manufacturers often do not provide full content declaration allowing designers to assess the potential health impacts.

Materials have a far more important role in achieving a healthy environment. They can help regulate internal humidity, reduce spillage of dust and particles and reduce the risk of bacteria and mould etc.

This seminar will give an overview of the principles behind building biology compliant construction materials, how materials are assessed under this standard, common issues and challenges when sourcing materials and where reliable sources of information can be found.  It will also focus on specification of internal finishes.

For further information about this event and the event series please visit The Green Register website.