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Building Biology Series: 3. Building Biology - Compliant Services Design - Bristol

bb radiative heating.png

Join The Green Register in collaboration with Low Carbon South West for event three of four half-day technical sessions on Building Biology: how to achieve healthy living environments.

  • When: Thursday 24th May, 1.30pm-5.30pm
  • Where: DeskLodge, Bristol

Event Three: Building Biology - Compliant Services Design. Air, water, comfort, energy

This session will cover ventilation, DHW, heating and plumbing. Without doubt, good ventilation is key for a healthy indoor environment. But equally the way we heat our buildings, how we distribute heat and how we ‘treat’ our potable water within a building contributes to a healthy environment. The right heating strategy can minimise the spillage of dust, fibres and bacteria to the indoor air.

A well considered lighting design minimises the impact on our melatonin cycle (body clock) and promote a healthy sleep. This seminar covers the basics behind a building biology compliant, resource efficient, healthy services design that can also be applied to Passivhaus projects including examples from build projects.

For further information about this event and the event series please visit The Green Register website.