CASE STUDY: PINWELD - innovation in plastic welding

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Pinweld Ltd was set up to explore options for an innovative method of joining thin sheet (1-5mm) ‘olefin plastics by welding. The project has received substantial interest from the automotive repair sector in the UK, both from workshop trades and insurance company directors. Their main interest in the offering is that of a time and resource saving repair technique not currently available. 

Pinweld Ltd is developing a high accuracy plastic welding instrument. This innovative welding technology will effectively weld cracks in an extensively used range of plastic materials, importantly including those having a significant recycled content. 

With an initial focus on automotive plastic components, technicians will be able to repair rather than replace a range of components, including those containing high value electronics and other materials, which are reported to create difficulties in recycling processing. Using Pinweld instruments, components will be able to be repaired to a high standard rather than be discarded; this provides the dual benefit of lowering the cost of minor impact repairs and substantially reducing the volume of plastic waste generated. 


The first iteration of the instrument is currently undergoing a test phase, with the results benchmarked against other commonly used methods of repair. Testing is being undertaken by the Materials Department at the University of Bath. 

design for the new Pinweld plastic-welding handset

design for the new Pinweld plastic-welding handset


The Pinweld technology is underpinned by intelligent software, and will enable users to achieve accurate and strong welds to a variety of plastics and mouldings.  For further information about Pinweld visit their website.


Pinweld have now successfully completed the STBAH programme. Through the Sustainable Technologies Business Acceleration Hub, Pinweld worked in collaboration with the University of Bath to develop the product with the aim to license and manufacture it and build the brand.


It was a privilege to work with the STBAH team. We received a wealth of knowledge and guidance and wholly recommend the programme to anyone in sustainable tech.
— Keven Chappell, Designer & Founder, Pinweld Ltd